Forearm crutches: who uses them?

I was reading that these can be really great for walking with… you know the ones that don’t go under your arms but rest on your forearms. I’ve looked online and seen some great looking ones… but I’m interested to hear other opinions before I buy them.

I can’t walk outdoors at all now as find walking with a cane or even a 4-wheel walker such hard work. Love my mobilty scooter but of course it’s not always convenient… so is the answer forearm crutches?

Thanks in advance for any advice… also any advice about buying them as the prices seem to range considerably… OR is it best to get referal to OT? I think they probably supply the grey ones that I’ve seen people using.

Hope all you PPMSers are doing well and staying warm,

Pat x

Hi Pat

My OT gave me some of these years ago (unfortunately, they are grey) but for inside I can use them sometimes, but other times I use my wheelchair.

I found them to be more comfortable than the other ones, as you can weight bear better with them.

Before you spend money (I think they cost quite a bit) get in touch with your OT and ask her for some. That way, if you find them no good for you, you can return them and you wont have wasted your money.

Hope this helps, take care


I have not tried them but would worry about my balance to be honest but would solve a problem I was just thinking about.

I have a huge car so if we go out the wheelchair or scooter is in the boot and my rollator which I have to use to get to and from the car goes on the back seat, but could easily fit in boot too its a 4x4

Now my dad has offered to take me out to get a new coat and I am sure they will want to buy things for themselves . I think he forgets I need both items of equipment when he said my mum has offered to sit in the back of his saloon, there would not be any room for any shopping if all that lot was in the car so maybe these crutches would help if I could conquer my fear of falling over and being a burden on others


Jax apparently with a bit of practice your balance is better on them. I read about an MSer who didn’t walk outside at all because of balance and falling and leg weakness… with the forearm crutches she can go to corner shop no problem.

I think we should both take Pam’s advice (thank you Pam!!) and see OT about getting some.

And Jax don’t worry about no room for your mum and dad’s shopping. I’m sure they realise there won’t be room but they want to take you out for your new coat. You are not a burden to them… I bet they are just looking forward to spending time with you.

Pat x

I have been using one crutch for a few months. One of the physios I saw recommended it instead of a stick to give me more stability. I feel better using it - I wavered about with the stick a bit so the crutch has helped a lot. My balance is pretty bad (think it’s getting worse) and I’m all over the place without support. I would recommend a crutch because it has helped my confidence.

Thanks DannysTeacher, I’m definitely going to give it a go.

Pat x

I have these type of crutches which I was given by the OT during the summer when I awoke to not being able to walk any more. My walking was aided by the OT suggesting the crutches and they have athritic grips which are more comfortable and I am now back on my feet (be it very wobbly) at least I am standing up. The crutches do improve your posture but they can be hard work but I certainly walk taller with them. Outside I am a bit wary as I am with a walking stick as I am frightenend that someone bangs into them and they are knocked away from under me but the Physio and OT will work together with you to get you walking well with them. Even using one of them is better than a walking stick but using both is better again. Is just a matter of getting used to them.

Hope this helps and good luck.

xx Barbara

Hi I use crutches I’ve had them for about 4 years. They help you to stand up straight and you can weight bear better. my balance is pretty bad but I feel more steady with crutches than with a stick. I don’t walk out side with them more than about 5 yards as I get a lot of pain when walking. I got mine fro Physio because they noticed I was leaning right over when walking. They’re worth a try.

Lynne xx

i have used my crutchs for years now my ot gave them to me so yes they are the lovley nhs grey. but i find them great inside and out xx

I use a forearm crutch. Would noe be without now. I did get one from the physiotherapist, yes one of those nice grey ones. But they are great to start off with and get the practice 'with. I now have 2 crutches. We have Phyliss, she is purple and a bright yellow one as yet un named! I got these from Chic Aid and they both fold up to make it easier to keep one in the boot of the car at all times.

They definately help with my balance problems

C x

Thanks to all and great advice. Am going to contact OT and get some ‘nice grey’ ones… lol…, and then if I like them I’ll get myself some with a bit of pizazz!

Pat x