Walk like a chameleon

Listening to Attenborough describing the bizarre rocking back and forth steps of a chameleon disguising its movement by synchroniseing it with the sway of wind blown branches, I couldnt help noticing the similarity with the movement of my own legs, especially the left one when I am slowly moving about. Anybody else get this? I think it must be due to reduced muscle tone in the knee and ankle. Anybody explain it?

Thought you were going to say; walk like an egyptian.the song from a few years back.

we do walk like that and also like a marionette.

My guess its cos the thought processes are interupted and instructions ooze out where the myelin has been damaged. I wonder where all these lost bits end up…mmm???

luv Pollx

I tend to limp along most days. Its only when out with the missus and kids i realise how slow im actually moving