Waiting on referral to see neurologist

Hello everyone, I just joined this site after looking around at some peoples posts over the past few weeks. A few weeks ago I went to my GP as I experienced involuntary bowel movements and have been experiencing problems walking anywhere for the past few months. It was a new GP that I seen. He got me to explain my symptoms then looked back in my file - over the past year I went to see a different doctor in the same practice about a numb hand (lasted 6 months and magically disappeared) then a numb tummy, again disappeared on its own, then the weak heavy legs and feet which mean I can’t even walk for 10 minutes comfortably anymore. I ment to say I am 25 years old. The GP said based on my age and conditions he thinks I have MS or some other neurological problem. I was totally shocked when he said this, I know something is wrong with me but didn’t expect him to come out with that! He said he is referring me quickly to see a neurologist. I waited 2 weeks and still heard nothing to phoned hospital and they had put me on the standard 10 week waiting list!!! So I phoned GP who submitted it again as urgent but now I still need to wait 4 weeks on my referral and they might not even do a scan that day - I just want my legs fixed it’s incredibly frustrating. And what’s worse is my work don’t care and they are threatening to take disciplinary action against me due to my absence since I’m not diagnosed. Which is so stressful and frustrating and I had wrote all my symptoms down which made the DOCTOR come to this conclusion (not me) and my manager said HR said it bares no weight as I’m not diagnosed though “it’s not that I don’t believe what your saying”!!! Sorry for the rant it’s just I think you will all know more about how I am feeling right now than anyone else I can chat to about it. Thanks for listening, Jacelyn

Hi Jacelyn, Sorry you are going through such a tough time. I don’t think your work has any right to treat you like that. TsukiUnagi started a thread about having trouble with employers and there were some really useful responses. Can anyone help further?

Hello, and I’m sorry to hear you’re so worried about work. I think I might look at that employer thread too, as I’m not dx and worried about taking time offf sick.

It’s not what you need right now is it? I hope that somebody can help you further


Thanks for your responses. I contacted the hospital and 4 weeks is the earliest appointment they can give me, but she gave me her supervisors number so I will try phoning that to see if she can move my appointment forward considering they were the ones who originally put me on the ‘standard’ waiting list. I will check out the employment threads. Thanks.