Referred to neurologist

My GP has finally agreed to refer me to a neurologist and said that it may take some time before consultation. I’m in the Portsmouth area; does anyone know waiting times and process? GP suggested that I may have to undergo tests and then see the neurologist if anything arises. Is this common practice? Thanks in advance for any information you can help with.


Sorry, I can’t help you with specific waiting times (it’s not my locality).

But, I suggest in advance of your neurologists appointment, you start to keep a diary of the symptoms you have experienced, think back as far as you can and write yourself a brief timeline. This will help enormously as on your initial appointment, you’ll be asked what’s happened to bring you to see that doctor.

Meanwhile, if you have any symptoms that get markedly worse while you are waiting, see your GP again and ask that they rerefer you as an ‘urgent’ case. And if you have any very serious symptoms or an acute attack of whatever has brought you to us, you can always go to A&E.

Once you get about 10 days past your referral having been made, you could try phoning your hospital and asking the appointments team roughly how long waiting times are.

I hope it’s not too long.


Thanks for replying. Symptoms started off 3 years ago with pain in hands and shoulders, extreme fatigue, foggy brain etc. Was diagnosed with B12 deficiency and started injections, which I have never missed. Symptoms progressed to pins and needles in extremities and now sharp shooting pains which I describe as if foil making contact with a filling as well as pricking sensations. I struggle getting up and walking from a resting position and more recently and embarrassingly, lack of bladder control. There have been occasions when food and drink have gone ‘down the wrong way’ and yesterday I had a bought of double vision; it didn’t last long but did shake me. I’ve had so many blood tests over the years that I thought I was being surreptitiously used as a donor. I’m pleased that GP is now referring me but am aware that this may be just another step on a long journey to diagnosis or may be something else ruled out. I’m 47 and initially thought I was too old for MS to be a consideration but now realise I’m not.