Waiting time for neurologist

I’ve just found out that my first urgent neurology appointment which was supposed to be 13 weeks has now been extended to 35 weeks. As I’m only 26 I’m concerned that this wait will have irreversible effect on me as my symptoms appear to be getting worse daily. I would be interested to know what other people’s waiting times are.

You’re right - that’s not good enough.

I managed to bring mine forward by 3 months by talking to the MS Neurologist’s Secretary. By some fluke, one of the MSN’s diaries had been cleared and was being refilled at another location in the city. So talk to them.

Alternatively, go back to GP and see if they can refer you to an adjacent trust. I was referred originally to Coventry and then got referred to Northampton before Cov came through with the alternative clinic. Just have to work the system.

I paid to jump the queue. Not morally right but I was also 26’ish when faced with a lengthy wait and just couldn’t do it! I don’t agree with having to go private but you have to do what’s right for you at times……

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Hi there! Im 23 and had the same problem. I got an urgent referral from my GP to see neurology last year, spoke with them on the phone August 2020 and the Dr said they wanted to see me in person. I only just had my follow up appointment with neurology yesterday… it turned out that they hadn’t made me an appointment and I had to email a few times for them to give me one.

What I did was emailed the secretary for the consultant to chase it up, but if you don’t have that then something that I found to be really useful was to contact PALS. If you know the hospital you’re being referred to, they should have a PALS service (you can find the contact details on the hospital website) - they are fab. It’s a patient liaison service and when I couldn’t get hold of anyone to sort my appt. out (secretary didn’t reply the first time) I contacted them and it was all done with my appointment 9 weeks later.

Also mention in the email that your symptoms are getting worse if you decide to go down that route, it might help speed things up a bit.

I hope you manage to get your appointment soon! Waiting is the absolute worst

go back to who referred you as they did it for URGENT. like gcck SAID try another trust if you cant get anywhere.