waiting for MRI results

Hi I had my open MRI on the 11th at cobalt in cheltenham, heard on the 18th it had gone back to my neurologist in the nhs. how long is a usual waiting time for the results please?. I have downloaded the paperwork to request a copy of the scan and radiology report also. thank you for any help x

Unfortunately, that is a real “how long is a piece of string?” question!

It can take weeks or months for you to get the report that the Radiologist has sent to neuro or you may not get sight of the report until your next appointment with the neuro.

I am somewhat in two minds over what is best. Lots of people on here seem to get the report sent to the neuro but, as it is a report ABOUT you rather than a report FOR you, it can be an incredibly technical and unintelligible document which raises more questions and more anxieties than it answers. There are lots of posts on this forum from people who had copies of their report and are worried and stressed about what it does (or doesn’t) mean.

However, I am one of those people were the information in the report is funnelled through the consultant neuro and I don’t have any knowledge of what it revealed until my next appointment with her. This works for me as, fortunately, she is an incredibly thorough consultant and her report to my GP (which I do get a copy of) is incredibly thorough and detailed. However, I am not good at waiting for answers so the whole period between tests and results is quite stressful (to say the least!)

When is your next appointment with your neurologist? Are there any other tests scheduled for you before then? Hopefully you will have some answers soon.

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I’m sure that you’ve seen it already but I always recommend this sticky to everybody who is having an MRI scan or needs help interpreting the report. It’s brilliant !

There is no appointment scheduled yet, its a matter of waiting to see what the report says and the scan and then being booked in. I think its just being in limbo thats the hard bit, I will call the department next week if I haven’t heard anything x

Good plan Emma, often people manage to speed up their appointments by speaking to their hospital waiting list department or the neurologists secretary.


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I had a private scan there was yours private? The results go back very quickly. I saw my neuro at Winfield privately and got the results in 2 weeks.


I went to my gp and got a copy off him.


I’ve sent the paperwork off for my medical records asking for a copy of the MRI scan pictures on CD and the radiology report as well. It was a NHS scan done at a private hospital, as our area does not have it’s own open MRI scanner, most open mri scans are referred to cheltenham now I was told in the NHS. was a lovely hospital, no waiting about. had a email last Tuesday to say it had been sent back to the neurologist, i have emailed his secretary but not heard anything back as yet x

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Yes the colbat is is lovely in cheltenham, going there for my mammogram. xx

heard from the neurologist secretary today, she has today sent the radiology report and mri scan results to the neurologist so hopefully should hear something back soon x

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