MRI Report & waiting..

I had my MRI last Friday evening. They said it should be back with the neurologist in two weeks but on the letter it says 2-4 and if nothing heard by week eight from neurologist, to phone. My question is, should I chase it before this time or just sit and wait, how long is a reasonable time to allow my neurologist to review the report? Thanks

Wait mine came back in2 weeks your neuro may write to you with results as mine did once the 2-3 weeks pass then chase it up.

My neuro rang me at home and asked me to go in the next day at the end of his clinic, and if memory serves me correctly (!) this was about 3 weeks after I had the MRI.

Based on my own experience, I’d say wait. Maybe give them a call if it gets to 3-4 weeks.

Good luck.

Debbie xx

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile: