Waiting 4 months for follow up appointment

I now have the date of my MRI which i have been waiting on since my neurologist appointment on 1st March. At the appointment the Doctor told me to call his secretary when i received the appointment to book a follow up. I called yesterday and was advised (after much fighting with the receptionist to convince her i was in fact to get an appointment) the next appointment isnt until some time in August! Is a 4 month wait for a neurologist follow up normal?

They did say they will send the results to my GP too but to be honest im not convinced my GP will be able to do anything with it. Just feel like its taken a year to get to the MRI and now theres yet more waiting

Elburnzo Yes I can well believe that you have to wait for four months for an appointment to see the neurologist, I had a letter come from the neurologist in November and the date was April the 10th tomorrow. I saw him quite quickly the first time but I didn’t ask or got a referral from my doctor but I didn’t know why I was going to see him. Lol. Kay

Good luck for 2moro, hope it all goes well x

I waited over a year for mine

Its just a bit annoying as i was told my original appointment would be within 12 weeks. then i was told no it’ll take about 6 months. I then complained and got the appointment within 3 months. Then the neurologist said the MRI would be within 4 weeks. Of course it was nearer 7 weeks. At the appointment he said i was to wait until the MRI to make another appointment with him so he would have the results for the appointment but if there is a 4 month wait then i could’ve just made the appointment that day and he would’ve still had the results in time. Overall i’ve been waiting over a year to get to the MRI stage as the GP had originally referred me incorrectly twice.

Just frustrating waiting to find out :frowning:

My neurologist is keeping me on his list for another year and so I will see him then but I may have to have another MRI to get an update of my brain. Funny thing is I received a letter from him this week, an appointment to see him April 2020. LOL Kay