Won't be seeing neuro for a while

I was referred by a&e for a neuro appointment on the 4th April and was told it would be about 6 weeks. I’ve had MRI etc since then. Phoned hospital today and was told it would be 12-15 weeks!! So annoyed!! Why bother saying 6 weeks when it’s more than double that time?? Spoke to the consultant who has my case notes (not neuro) secretary (spoke to her a few weeks ago and she told me LP was clear) and she said doc had dictated a letter and she was going to type it up this week. She thinks the MRI results will be included in that as well. She double checked and the LP is definitely clear. I’ve to call back next week and she’ll tell me what’s on the letter (she was lovely) So you think I was maybe switched from 6 week waiting time to the longer one because the MRI was clear?? Does this happen??

maybe hes going on holiday, its that time of year?

Helo Kisywisy

According to NICE guidlines the standard waiting time should be six weeks, in order to reduce anxiety in patients. It doesn’t matter what the results show, 12-15 weeks is a long time.

Contact PALS at your hospital if you are not happy to wait this length of time

Good luck x

Thanks blossom. Will get onto them