Poll; how long have you all had to wait for MRI and LP Results?

Have been reading all your posts which range from 3 months to 1 week! Slightly confusing.

I’m kind of guessing that 2-4 weeks is the norm?

If you’ve heard nothing after 2 weeks then is that a ‘no news is good news’ kind of thing (aka it ain’t the big C or something sinister).

As you can tell, I’m beginning to feel slightly irked by the interminable wait.

Hi Clucker pigeon. I had LP mid August and by mid Oct still hadnt heard. I wrote to neuro asking for results and got a letter back saying its unremarkable and negative for the ms markers. I think they were just going to wait until my next review appointment to tell me. With MS I dont think they are in any hurry because it is not terminal and a quick action is not essential. You are just dependent upon how busy the radiologist and doctors are to get the reports typed up.

Moyna x

MRI was four days (private though)


I got my MRI results the same day (NHS), but never got any kind of report, I was just told what they had found. The lumbar puncture results were about 4 weeks.

Fizzy x

MRI Result-same day

LP- with over night stay- same day



MRI result - 1st one next day (I’m staff though so had access to my records. 2nd MRI took 1-2 weeks and again I had access to my own results at the time. Usually MRI results can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks as people have said. It really depends on how busy the radiographers are and the area you live in.




Brain MRI & CT Scan within a few hours, LP a week later (although not all the results were back yet), VER (there and then as was normal but this was just from technician), Cervical Spine MRI, immediately (this was because they found something and wanted a doctor to see - I panicked it was a tumour so demanded to know what they’d found but it was actually 2 active lesions).

I’m getting the impression that waiting times vary greatly from area to area. I cannot fault my local hospital, they seem to have really pulled out all the stops and I don’t feel that I’ve lacked attention, with the exception of my Consultant being on holiday when I rang to tell him about my new symptoms, as he’d asked.

my lps and MRI where first done when I was admitted to hospital, but recently Nuro appointment on the 2nd Feb Mri was on the 14th of Feb, I have been phoning all week for some sort of answer. I know it comes when it comes but I dont like waiting for anything.

7 days mri to gp and 10 weeks for lumbar neuro had to ring to find out results as they wasnt sent when i had my next appointment with him they were positive

MRI on 23rd January. Got official results by letter at the beginning of March. The letter was dictated on the 11th February but not typed until the 28th February.

It seems I’ve been lucky . Both MRIs were done whilst I was an in-patient so got the verbal results the next day. Never did receive written results and have never seen the scans as they cannot seem to get them up on screen whenever I ask. Lumbar puncture was also done whilst I was in hospital and again I was given the results the next day.