How long does it take for MRI results?

As the title says really. I’ve got my MRI tomorrow (sat 30th) and I’ve booked a doctors appointment for next Friday.

will the results be back by then? Even with a bank holiday on Monday?

Mine took about three weeks

I just realised that your GP should be able to access them from hospital records. Failing that from experience you tend to have to wait for your next neuro appointment.

Moyna x

My last MRI was in October 2015. After a month my MS nurse told me that the neurologist was gong to discuss the images with a neuro-radiologist (No, I never knew they existed either). I was given an appointment to see the neurologist 3 months later. I live in Surrey.


I hope mine don’t take 3 months!!

Hi I had the MRI on the Sunday a request from the Doctor and the neurology consultant had called through my results by that Weds . I was lucky though as

a) the Doctor wanted to give me the news rather than me to wait for the neurology appointment that was 2 weeks later

b) the technician doing the MRI noticed I had damaged nerves in my neck MRI so proceed to take images of my brain as well so I presume as he could clearly see I had MS the images probably went top of the pile

it probably is longer if done all through the neurology dept though

I hope you get your answers soon


i didnt know they can tell straight away like that, so why cant they just tell us all there and then instead of waiting weeks or months for results

I think you have to bug and bug and bug till you get somewhere. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be having my MRI today!

I had my scan on a Thursday and was diagnosed the following Wednesday. I had a call from Neurology saying the consultant wanted to fit me in quickly. It seems to really vary x

In general, everything depends on the equipment and the doctor’s employment. Most likely, if you ask him to hurry up, perhaps by paying extra, then the results will be on the same day or the next. The country in which you underwent an MRI also affects. Somewhere in the USA, it is unlikely that you will be able to get results quickly and pay the doctor an additional fee. I once planned to become an MRI doctor because I was promised a 7% job outlook over the next ten years more, but I decided that this was not my life’s work. I’m not a particularly careful person, inattentive, I don’t want to risk my freedom and harm people, that’s why I didn’t become a doctor.

Ok bro, thank you