How long do you wait for results?

Hi all

How long do you guys usually wait to find out MRI results?

I think mine took about 6 weeks before I could see the consultant for the results .

Take care Katy

How long did it take to get a MRI from your original doctors appointment?

Had MRI 1/7/17.

Follow up (results) appointment 26/7/17.

Three and a half weeks which seems quite quick really.

I have had 2 MRI scans before so I am in the system. Whether that makes a difference.

I hope they can give me a correct diagnosis this time. It has been a year and a half now.

Have you had an incorrect diagnoses in the past?

They organised it from a phone call, because I rang with new symptoms. Usually to get an MRI only takes a few weeks, but this time it was aaaaages. Perhaps two months?

Three and a half weeks pretty good then… year and a half not so much. But I hear it takes many people a long time to get a diagnosis with neurological symptoms

Feb 2016 diagnosed RRMS

Nov 2016 re-diagnosed PPMS

Now had a letter saying not sure what type of MS hence the MRI and new appointment.

They better get it right this time. I don`t think it is MS but something similar.

I saw my neurologist in April and he commented on the fact that I haven’t had an MRI scan since January 2001. He said he’d refer me for one at the QE in Birmingham. That was three months ago and I still haven’t heard anything!

It’s a bit irrelevant how long it takes anyone to get an appointment with a neuro, an appointment for an MRI (or other tests), or the results from such tests. It’s all about your GP, your local hospital, your neuro, luck and the urgency with which any one (GP/neuro/whoever) deems your case. If you’re waiting, just try phoning whichever service you’re awaiting. I.e. MRI department, hospital appointments team, neurologists secretary, etc.