waist and ankle high muck!

Hiya gang!

As i wheel round our house, I notice accumulated muck in places no-one else notices.

This morning I spotted a mucky looking metal strip between worktops in the kitchen. I got a knife and scraped out where I could reach and then asked hubby about it to do the rest.

Then I spotted a gunky corner in a base unit…told him about that too.

But lying in bed this morning, looking up at my ceiling hoist track, I saw the dust…inches of it!

he`s cleaned that too.

Poor hubby, never a minute`s peace, is there?

Anyone else got a similar nagging moan?

luv Pollx

I hope you’re giving the poor bloke lots of kisses for all that nagging!

LoL! When I saw the post title, I thought you were somehow psychically aware of the walk I’ve just been on. Waist- or at least ankle-high muck is such an apt description. It hasn’t rained or snowed for - ooh, about two days, I should think.

So I somehow got the idea it would be fine. It wasn’t.

I’ve been wading through a bog, but I was too stubborn or stupid to admit it had been a bad idea, and turn back. Had to be very, very careful not to fall over (though it would have been a soft but very messy landing if I had), and have certainly got my pulse rate right up.

As for the household grot - what I can’t see doesn’t worry me, and not a lot of what I can see. I’ve been a bit better lately, with trying to conquer it, but still not good.

Someone on another forum recently said he’d collected enough fluff (from under his computer, I think it was), to make an animal: which animal should he make? I think in America, they call them “dust bunnies”, don’t they? Those little clumps that form under the fridge, and other inaccessible areas.

Incidentally, why does everything migrate under the fridge eventually? Is there some sort of black hole underneath, that sucks everything to it?



Oh chuffin eck! i`m now in my recliner and have spotted some fluffy dust on the tv stand!

Again, another place where only the seated notice…and when hubby`s watching the box, he wont be looking under it for muck!

Have to get me long handled de-fluffer out tomorrow!

luv Pollx

No fluffy dust clearing today, as hubby is replacing our bathroom basin…from one sitting in a cabinet to a wall hung one, so I can get my knees underneath.

Yeh, I know, he`s Mr Wonderful. Just gonna make him a cuppa!

luv Pollx