spring cleaning

Hi all.

As the sun shines and I cant actually feel some warmth in it…I am enjoying hanging my washing out.

I pulled something down off the top of my wardrobe…along with some thick grey-purplish dust!

Got hubby to clean it off.

I can see dust gathering along the skirtings too, the pvc window and door frames look grubby.

Unfortunately no-one lese seems to notice.

Oh how I wish I could clean it properly.

luv Pollx

I know the feeling only too well !! If I manage to hoover or do a bit dusting I’m doing well … and then am sore and knackered !! A true case of the mind being willing but our body just lets us down every time. x

Oh, don’t get me started!

I moved the freezer yesterday. Now I would just like to say there is no good reason a 46-year-old woman with MS should ever be moving a freezer in the first place. But as if that wasn’t silly enough, I saw stuff underneath it I’m sure I was better not knowing about. Now I’ve had to napalm the whole area!


Did the kids playroom this morning, whilst I bright eyed and bushy tailed. Not feeling too bad at the moment, but I know I may as well have spent the time doing something else, because by this time tomorrow it will be back to square one…that’s the only problem with a bit of sunshine lol Sam xxx

Hi Poll,or is it Boudica cracking the whip today?You’ve reminded me to check, and I can report that my springs are gleaming,hinges are creaky and the nuts could do with some attention with a feather duster

Wb xx