wahls diet?

Anyone got the book minding my mitochondria by terry wahls?

Has anyone tried the diet?

I fancy reading that too. Apparently she had stem cell treatment too… she does not mention that in her book.

Moyna xxx

Hi! Yes I have purchased the book myself. Personally, I found the science stuff very interesting and definitely make sure that I incorporate all of her recommendations into my diet. The main focus of her attention is the atrocious American diet and the fact that most of their diet is high saturated fats and hardly any fresh vegetables. As a vegetarian/ virtually vegan, for most of my Iife, I thought I had a very healthy diet, but I was actually omitting some very important vitamins and minerals from my diet. As far as I am concerned, there is absolutely nothing more that I can do now! I even checked out some of her videos on Youtube and thought Wow! Unfortunately, someone recently brought it to my attention that Terry Wahls actually received stem cell therapy and THAT was the main reason for the massive improvement in her own 2PMS, not her healthy diet. I was a little gutted to learn that. But, I guess with a captive audience of MS sufferers all hoping to skip away from their wheelchairs by following her diet, she quickly worked out that by selling her books, she was on to a winner. Tracyann x