Terry Wahls, M.D.— Minding My Mitochondria

Terry Wahls, M.D.— Minding My Mitochondria

This is a fairly recently uploaded video of a talk Dr Terry Wahls gave at the Ancestral Health Conference last year. Many of you may have seen her previous TED TALKS video

TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria

Thanks very much for posting this. I do admire doctors who when they find a solution for themselves or their relatives do not take the easy option and just keep it to themselves but go against the official line and spread the word.

There have been diets around that were going to ‘cure’ MS for decades. Am I the only person who has tried the Swank Diet (a seventies one that)? Or what about the one described here? Thiis is the Best Bet Diet - surprisingly similar to Terry Wahls’ diet, although the scientific basis for it is completely different. I followed it for years and it did nothing for me (as far as I know, I mean that I saw no change in the progression of my disease when I started it or when I stopped it).

I’m a sucker for diets which will slow the progression of my MS, so I have started eating a lot more cabbage and vegetables since seeing the other post on Terry Wahls’ ideas. But I wouldn’t be too admiring of this doctor - she’s making plenty of money out of this diet (see the list of books, publications and patents pending at the beginning of the presentation) and I think that’s probably why she’s pushing it.

Ted, l did post a reply to you on the other thread that has now been locked. l am interested to know more about melatonin - read the web site you mentioned. l would like to know the best way of supplementing melatonin. l have osteo-arthritis hip/knee/ankle - and l have a date begining of April for a total hip replacement. The vitamin d3 and magnesium has helped with pain - and more importantly my bone-density test is now OK.

Thankyou for all your help - its much appreciated.



My wife like you is not content with just one illness and also has a back problem related to arthritis. She has more or less resolved that with medical magnets.

The official solution was to cut her spinal cord chemically which she rejected. The pain was sufficient to stop LDN working reliably, solving that problem that has meant LDN has worked day in day out for just under 10 years now.

Send me a PM if you want any suggested sources of medical magnets.

David, l know - l am just ‘greedy’ - not content with just ms. Actually, the abnormal wear and tear is caused by my ms. My left side is useless because of the ms. So l have to over compensate with my right side - 30yrs of hitching and dragging the left leg has ruined my right one. Then 3yrs ago - l slipped and fell smashing my right ankle. Thats when l realised that my bone-density needed testing. Since then l have been taking a high dose vitd3/magnesium. l have tried m agnet therapy. Have a special pillow with magnets in to sleep on. Did wear a bracelet - but can’t say it made a difference. l also wear copper insoles in my shoes. l will try anything if it will help. Thankyou for your help and interest.



If that is the case I cannot think of a reason why magnets would help. Sorry.

When metals compete: a case of copper-deficiency myeloneuropathy and anemia.

It is thought wearing a copper bracelet may prevent copper deficiency.