Anyone tried Terry Wahls protocol?

I was wondering whether people have tried it and think it does or doesn’t help?

This may be hasty but I have an initial query, could her improvement be a matter of starvation seeing as she seems very thin now and it would be difficult not to lose weight on her protocol?

I have briefly seen that starvation shows some relief in mice studies.


What is Terry Wahls protocol?

If a study has only been tried in mice, it’s nowhere near being seen as useful in humans. But I don’t know anything about it so please help me find out more :slight_smile:

Terry Wahls did a ted talk a couple of years ago called “Minding Your Mitochondria” (it has a few million on YouTube), and she devised a protocol which she describes healed her MS involving eating a richly nutritious diet for the brain and mitochondria, meanwhile cutting out grains/dairy/starches+starchyfruit/all processed food/sugar etc. She is currently conducting research with her protocol.

But it occurred to me that she appears to overlook the fact that she lost weight on the diet, and starvation effects the myelin eg people suffering from anorexia experience demyelination which recovers with weight restoral. Then I saw that in mice studies starvation (48hrs) had some symptom reducing effect for ms.

Sorry i assumed people would have heard of it. Million+ views YouTube - ted talk ‘minding your mitochondria’ by Terry Walhs.

Talks about nutrition for mitochondri/brain etc and how she devised a diet around that and cured her ms. She cut out dairy/grains/starches/fruitstarches/processed food, and at richly nutritious veg/fruit/animal sources. She lost weight but seems to overlook that.

Therefore it could be about the weight loss rather than the diet that gives her a reduction in ms symptoms and a supposed recovery. In mice studies 48hour fast reduced symptoms, and in anorexia for example there is temporary demyelination whilst underweight. So i wonder whether it’s starvation that results in suppression/reduction of symptoms due to the effects that starvation has on myelin.

A tricky one this. Terry Wahls has admitted to other therapies as well, and she is not the only one to argue for the “hunter-gatherer” diet. What she cannot prove is that she has had a really long period of remission.

There is this argument that we evolved to take advantage of the “hunter-gatherer” diet, Of course, this may have been true about 4-5000 years ago, but we were non-migratory farmers when Stonehenge was being erected, and probably evolved even more from then until now. I know for sure that my ancestors were either small farmers or farm workers right back to the late 1500s, so I doubt if the “hunter-gatherer” diet applied to them.


My bad for double reply just found out there’s a delayed post time.

Geoff excellent points.

Regarding hunter gatherer - in my opinion, assuming the theory of evolution, I’m not sure that we would have evolved for eating grains/dairy (fully) over the last 1000’s of years, because evolution just protects survival, and the effects of dairy/grains could be small enough to not affect survival, having only mino/rare/irrelevent effects on the body.

(/delayed effects)

Also in a recent interview I’m fairly sure she says she gets symptoms when she doesn’t follow the diet fully as do the research participants, which she calls increased sensitivity. However that could also be due to a starvation effect where increasing starch/sugar (so for a moment body is receiving adequate nutrition) causes symptoms again for some reason.

I had a horrible time on the Wahls diet. I did see an immediate in my walking, muscle spasms and stair climbing. But my bladder function started to deteriorate as soon as I started it. After 8 days on it, I had smelly wee, urgency, pain on weeing, having to go really frequently but then only producing tiny amounts of wee. I assumed I had a UTI but when I took a urine sample to the doctor, there was no sign of bacteria. Those over the counter medicines helped, as did bicarb of soda but I had to take loads to keep the symptoms under control. I was seeing my neuro for a regular appointment and he suggested coming off the Wahls diet, just to see what happened. It took about four days for all the symptoms to disappear. So the diet was a nightmare for me.

Meant to say I saw an immediate improvement in walking etc

Thanks for your experience Sewingchick, strange about your bladder, do you have any idea why that was? Wondering did it feel intuitively good whilst you were on the diet to eat the 9 cups etc or did it feel at all forced and did you get any cravings for disallowed foods?, do you think you were eating enough energy for maintaining equilibrium/or was it energy restricting?

I’d suspect the bladder issue was a coincidence because it sounds odd, but maybe the diet did cause it (maybe it would for others too or maybe just for you personally for some functional reason). 3 greens and 3 sulphur rich veg per day seems excessive at first glance so it could be related to that (hence the question over whether the 9 cups felt ok intuitively etc)