Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria

I wonder if any of you came across this video about the book: Minding My Mitochondria: How I Overcame Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Got Out of My Wheelchair, 2nd Edition. Link:

It is about adopting a particular type of diet which had a profound effect on Dr. Whals’s MS. Although this is an example of yet another ‘miracle recovery’ at least it looks like there can’t be any harm done. I’m glad to note that the diet doesn’t exclude red meet. It is a hunter gatherers diet or Paleo diet. Have any of you tried it?

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I think you need to be aware that Terry Wahls also used some kind of electrical stimulation to get her nervous system working again.

I can not tell you much else since we are still investigating what she did with a view to considering such a ‘treatment’.

However if you decide to investigate what she did I would be grateful if you would post your findings

I have started my research into dr Wahl’s MS journey yesterday, never heard of her before that

it was this article that introduce me to her therapies:

her innovative therapies worked for her, it was not that simple, by making changes to the foods she ate and keeping up with exercise and stress management, she managed to reverse or slow progress of MS.

what i’ve noticed is that some articles about Terry, failed to mention that she actually used 3 therapies, it was not just about food she was having:

  1. neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NEMS)

  2. specialized nutritional supplements

  3. she exercised (swimming, biking & martial arts)

excellent article in MSRC

my favourite conclusion, I quote:

<<Finally, I would note that Dr Wahls’ approach is not for sissies or the weak-willed. It requires incredible dedication and self-discipline but the results speak for themselves. It would be great if one could simply pop a pill to achieve such results but I doubt very much if that will ever happen. The effects of 40 years of the MS disease process are not easy to undo and it takes the use of a multi-pronged approach to achieve success. The science-based recommendations of Dr Wahls and Direct-MS are there for the taking. The rest is up to you. >>

Yes someone posted information and link the other day and must say it was all very interesting.

Personally would find the diet too extreme and prefer to stay away from red meat as I believe that giving it up 22 years ago went some way to help to halt MS for a number of years. Some of what she says adds up as our diet today is probably lacking a lot of vitamins and minerals and a year before my dx I did not eat well as I worked very long hours and didn’t give myself enough rest or time to eat a good diet.



I was diagnosed only two years ago so I apologize for late to the posting party. I am VERY new to the diet. I would like to know if any of you are on the diet still and what advice or comments you have about it. If you are still on it, do you think it works? Any and all comments or thoughts are welcome. TIA for responding.