Wahls Diet

Hi, Anyone else following the diet suggested by Terry Wahls? I’ve been loosely following it for a couple of months, but last week received my first organic box delivery, so now I’m really making the effort with it. I have a deep mistrust of supermarkets and supermarket food, which is why I’ve started getting an organic box delivered. I hate the idea that everything comes wrapped in plastic or boxes. Supermarkets sell stuff to make money. They’re not bothered about the health implications of selling stuff full of preservatives, flavourings, colours, sweeteners, hormones, antibiotics, steroids etc. The death of the local green grocer was more significant than we currently realise. Heather

Hi Heather, I’m so glad I’ve heard someone else giving Terry Wahl’s diet a go. With a scientific background myself, I was obviously, particularly interested to understand MS in a little bit more detail and did more than a little background reading on the subject. I was very impressed with her book, ‘Minding my Mitochondria’ and the talk she gave on the subject, which you can see for yourself on Youtube. Scientifically, what she says, makes sense and it has certainly benefited her. Whilst I wasn’t too interested in the recipes, I most definitely make sure that I incorporate everything she recommends into my own diet plan. Best of luck! Tracyann x

I definitely hope diet helps, the problem what works for one doesn’t another. My view is a mix of medicine and natural. Ive seen a naturalist/nutritionalist and had tests to see what my body needs.I also jucie everyday which makes sure I get fresh products into me and take vitamins etc. The problem with walhs is that she also had stem cell treatment so although her diets significantly helps it may also be the treatment she had. I wish there was one thing for all of us and would love more threads like this as I think its important to keep learning and tyring. Lets us know any tips and recipes best of luck zoe

Where did she have her stem cells?

Moyna xxx