vuvodynia ? soreness ladies any help please

I have had vulvodynia on and off for a couple of years but this past few weeks it has gotten to be really problematic.

Now I am really sore and deep red but it is not thrush. Any ideas /treatments gratefully recieved.

thank you.

Ow. One for the GP I think, Ellie.

Difficult to answer without coming over patronising, so sorry about this in advance.

It’s sounds like a bit of a vicious circle you’ve got going on, you need to find the cause and get relief, unfortunately doctors, in my experience usually fob you off with these type of problems and don’t really have time to test you out properly unless you go back repeatedly with the same problem.

I’m sure you probably already thought about the cause but. Have you changed your washing powder recently? Or your shower gel? This might be something you did well before your problems started. Bit personal I know but what about condoms or tampons, the strings on tampons can be quite rough on the tissue, or anything else that comes into contact with your genitals, even what your partner uses can transfer to you during intimate moments and might not be obvious to you personally, although your probably not up for that kind of shenanigans.

Treating it is more individual, Don’t use anything “down there” with perfume in, you could also try using baby oil to clean your vulva rather than “soaps” bicarbinate of soda might take out some of the discomfort, tea tree oil heavily diluted in hot water might help if there’s anything bacterial going on. or something more medicated might be preferable like Vagisil or Lanacaine which contain a very light local anaesthetic but only treat the symptoms not the cause.

but as the saying goes “if symptoms persist consult a doctor” you shouldn’t have to live with this long term, but you might have to go back to them to get a resolution.

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Hi, sorry to hear you are experiencing this. I have only a few suggestions …It could be an idea to stay away from wearing tights, tight jeans and synthetic material leggings. Wearing loose trousers and cotton clothing would be better. When showering or bathing make sure the water isn’t too hot. The NHS website mentions stress can increase the pain of this problem.

I have had the same on and off pain, burning, in that area and was told it was vulvodynia. It comes and goes, sometimes i can barely go to the toilet as it hurts when it is flaring.

I dont get rash though, so it could be an outside irritant, like something you are using and not used before.

I know this sounds stupid, but sometimes i use vaseline where i have the pain, which seems to help not sure why.

I think you should see your GP though if its gotten really red and inflamed. It can be miserable enough without adding extra bits to it. xxxx

I have never had a skin difficulty but following a short break away and coming back with a skin condition which ruined all of September and was horrid, I now use as directed by the GP, no soap only aqeuous for the foreseable until I am sure my skin will not be out of sorts. In the short term I am not using washing powder, just a hint of gel (teaspoon full) and no rinsing liquid, no squirty perfumes and if I have a bath, I then shower the aqeuous off to clear my skin completely.

It might be worth asking your GP about it if it would be useful just to see if that helps. I agree with Poppy don’t suffer, straight to the Doctors and if the rotweillers say what’s it for, then tell them, private bits, sore parts, get me a damned appointment no messing.

ps I never wear trousers, only soft beautiful leggins and sometimes very long fluffy socks. Much nicer than scratchy harsh materials and kinder to your bits!

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Big thank you to all who replied.

I should have said in my post that I never use anything with colour or perfume to wash with as I became extremely sensitive to such after lengthy chemo several years back.

Hate tights and wear only for funerals…sounds strange but I like to look presentable to attend a funeral and have family who think trousers are not respectable.

I wear leggings in winter … as mentioned comfy to wear. Can’t stand anything tight or even clingy near my middle.

No washing liquid changes…ditto above…no perfume or colour in it.

Have not tried vaseline, will give it a go

Used e45 nappy rash cream…helps a bit.

No intimacy for many years so not that.

I self catheter 6 times daily and am extremely careful about hygeine and have managed to avoid itu

Definitely feel like I could use an anaesthetic cream…will try that.

I have also now got avery sore tongue but no sore throat … maybe I am just run down and stress is certainly in my life.

My B12 injections have been changed to sublingual tablets recently but this started before that happened although I believe that is not helping.

Looks like I will have to make that app with gp, that in itself is stressful.

Thank you all again, your support is so appreciated.


Ps … way past menopause…

Me too lol.

Stress can cause these things hun. I feel for you, as mine is worse when i am tired or stressed out, and like you i avoid soaps, nylon you name it, but i still get the pain. xxx