Struggle with my waterworks and wondered if it me, ms or menopause, I feel like I am allergic to my own pee , I haven’t got an infection but when my pad get wet , I feel like I am burning and raw ,I obviously change my pad and shower but it doesn’t help . I sort of feel like I am spasming (is that even a word) and I am squirming around. Really at the end of my tether now and getting so down with my bladder controlling my life. Any advice please

Have you discussed the issue with your MS Nurse/Neurologist? It would be worth asking to GP to arrange a referral to Urology so they can check things out for you, and they can suggest ways of handling the problem. In the meantime, to help with the soreness, try Bepanthen, and yes, it is nappy rash ointment (also really good for healing new tattoos, they’ve even brought out Bepanthen specially for tattoos now).

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