Not UTI? MS?

Not UTI ?

Hi everyone

I need some advice please as I am struggling again. I have burning after urinating not during or a few seconds after like minutes after. I get real burning feeling and urine smells strong after like ammonia. I have an increased frequency throughout the day mainly, I have been to see GP but he puts it down to prostatits which I was diagnosed with 2013 before I was diagnosed with MS, so not confident it is prostate problem.

I have had uti test which was clear. Does anyone else get this?

Feel a bit lost in the system, I could have PSA test but that isn’t great due to not being that accurate and could end up on path that is unpleasant. This path may also interfere with my round 2 Lemtrada.

Any advice would be appreciated

if you haven’t yet been seen by the bowel and bladder clinic, ask your gp to refer you or you can self refer.

just find the telephone for your nearest one.

they are really lovely and work hard to prevent any embarassment to you.

Ok, l will look for them and try and make an appointment. Thanks for the advice

You may not have a urine infection but can still have the symptoms. Interstitial cystitis.

Also I get burning in my private area and its down to nerve pathway with my MS.

Also if i get burning with an attack of IC, i drink more water and it seems to help me to be honest.

If you have a smell though you should have it checked out.

I bougth myself some urine dip sticks to keep an eye on my own urine as i was getting a lot UTI. Now i check myself sometimes its clear if its not i send a sample to Nurse to double check and their interpretation of UTI can be slightly different to the dip stick lol.

Its worth having though as i have caught them early before they really get going. I have been convinced i have a UTI with the symptoms but the stick is totally clear, and it usually rights itself if i up my water intake.