Does anyone suffer with Vulvodynia? I’ve been having problems for the past 6 weeks, had all kinds of swabs but nothing is showing up. Then yesterday I started with a sore patch of skin on my right side, very sore to the touch.

I’ve now been referred to a gynae but am worried about it being something more sinister.


I’d never heard of vulvodynia until I saw your post, so I looked it up. I’ve been having peculiar sensory problems in that area for the last couple of weeks and was wondering what it was. Vulvodynia seems to fit. I found information on this website

For me, it’s possibly something to do with menopause, so I think I’ll try using the hormone pessaries which the doctor gave me a couple of months ago. Otherwise, obviously it could be a nerve problem.

If the hormone treatment doesn’t work I’ll have to see the doctor. I hope you get some help soon. It’s really not a pleasant feeling.


No it’s horrible. It feels like someone’s rubbed sandpaper on my bits. The sore area on my side is making me worry I’m having a relapse of some sort too.

Hope your hormone tablet sort yours.

At the moment I have cream :-/

Could it be lichen sclerosis? I don’t have this, but my 2 sisters do. It is something than can happen with ageing…dry patches of inner skin . They use cream to ease the sore itchiness.


I’m 43 and not gone through the menopause yet. I don’t really itch at all, just have a sore, burning feeling. I’ve now been referred to the gynae although not sure how long I’ll need to wait for the appointment or what they might suggest.

Hope this is soon sorted for you hun.