Skin sore to touch.

Hi all,

One of the first things I had that led me to see a GP years ago was a soreness in my skin. It was around the top of my chest, clothing hurt/bra strap hurt etc.

I now have it in my inner upper thighs. Feels like there should be a huge bruise but there isn’t. I think it’s spreading to my other thigh as well. Just extremely sensitive.

Just wanted to know of anyone’s experience of this?

Thanks x

Hypersensitivity … I get that. It varies.

I mostly get it in bursts, permanent pins and needles are replaced abruptly by this.

I also get it in areas where no pins and needles persist.

For me it can be strange, a hard blunt blow will not be sore, however, a light sharp object will be like hell.

Clothes also irritate it.

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Yes, i have this, and my doctor organised for me years back now a blanket cage(cradle), for my bed. It takes the bedding OFF my legs which stops the hypersensitivity a bit, and decreases the spasms. It can be patches on my body, like my arm, or leg, or near my breast its quite horrible sometimes, but then it goes like it came.