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I have been in and out of hospital for the last 3months with impacted constipation. The trouble is that although I am in a lot of pain and not eating because I feel sick all the time I was discharged again on Friday with a care plan of my district nurses coming in twice a week to give me an enema. The doctor told me that I had a blockage in my upper bowel and probably an enema would not clear this, but their policy was to keep MS patients constipated and then give an enema two or three times a week.

I am taking my Movicol morning and night, and eating a lot of prunes for breakfast. All I am having is an apple at lunchtime and soup at teatime. I am feeling ropey and a bit down, not my usual self. Has anyone else had this problem who can come up with some tips. I am in a wheelchair which makes it worse.


Hi Muriel, no wonder you’re feeling down! How awful for you. I get constipated, but nothing like what you describe.

I would normally say to anyone constipated that you need to increase the amount of roughage you are eating (wholemeal bread and cereals etc)… but maybe for you that would make things worse? Have they given you any dietry advice?

One thing that works for me (although some people might think that’s it not too healthy!), I have a strong cup of real coffee in the morning. I’ve got one of those little perculators and buy strong ground coffee.

Try having porridge with your prunes at breakfast. That’s also good for constipation.

Are you drinking lots of water during day? Try to increase the amount you are drinking. Always have a glass next to you and keep sipping.

I really hope you can get this sorted soon as I know how rotten it makes me feel, and mine not nearly as bad as yours.

Have you questioned why it is the policy to give enema and not actually deal with the blockage, or what’s causing the blockage? So frustrating that they don’t deal with the cause of the problem!!

Take care hon. Sounds really rotten for you. Sending you big ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))

Pat x


Prunes dont work for me, just give me wind and thats it. I use apricots, they work a treat, however when they fail, I eat lots of green veg, cabbage seems best.

Im afraid its a case of trial and error with the bowels as youve found out. Bowel problems can also cause bladder probs as the bowel presses on the bladder.

Best idea is to have a clear out, but once everything is flowing try eating different kinds of fruit to find out what works for you. With my brother every time he ate oranges he had the runs. Maybe they will do that for you?

Keep trying different foodstuffs, there has to be something. Failing that ask the chemist if there is anything you can spoon daily to keep you going? Sometimes the old medicines work wonders for some.



Poor you.

I’ve been looking at cellulose as an alternative to bran. The problem with bran and other ordinary food roughage is that you have to eat a lot of it and it can just bung you up.

Can you perhaps ask your medical team whether it would be OK for you to try cellulose?

Wikipedia explains what it does really well - here’s an extract:

Treatment of constipation

When eaten, methyl cellulose is not absorbed by the intestines but passes through the digestive tract undisturbed. It attracts large amounts of water into the colon, producing a softer and bulkier stool. It is used to treat constipation, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome. It should be taken with sufficient amounts of fluid to prevent dehydration. Because it absorbs water and potentially toxic materials and increases viscosity, it can also be used to treat diarrhea.
A well-known trade name of methyl cellulose when used as a drug is Citrucel by GlaxoSmithKline, but generic versions are also widely available.

(There’s a couple of entertaining bits in that article too, though it is a serious article )

Lolli xx

I’ve just read the contraindications for methylcellulose tablets, which are:

… tablets are contraindicated in patients:

  • hypersensitive to methylcellulose or to any of the excipients
  • with imminent or threatened intestinal obstruction
  • with faecal impaction
  • who have difficulty in swallowing
  • with colonic atony
  • with infective bowel disease
  • with severe dehydration

so alas this doesn’t seem to be an answer for you just now, sorry :<)

Lolli xx

Hi Muriel, now I haven`t seen your name on the boards for a good while. Nice to see you again.

Oh this constipation lark has me all over the place too.

My breakfast is;

a large helping of all bran

a fresh fig and a banana

Some weeks I can go 2/3 times a day. Other times I can go up to 8 days with no bowel action.

Nurses are on stand by with enemas for me too.

I am also a full time wheelie.makes it hard, eh?

luv Pollx

Greetings Muriel,I have a suggestion which is a bit different to the others.Cannabis:smoked ,if you are that way inclined,eaten in the form of cookies,or drunk as ‘tea’.Smoking and eating cookies are second nature to me,but I do find that the ‘Cannabiscuits’ have very productive effects.

All I can presume is that the C relaxes the bowels directly.I’ve never dabbled with the Tea,but imagine that it would probably work.Not sure whether bone china or a mug would be appropriate.,

Wb X

ps You’re not on anything morphine based are you?


might be worth a try