ah, so that`s why.........(not MS)

Hi everyone.

Not been on here for a few days, as i have been almost bed bound!

It was all down to my bowels refusing to empty, no matter how many movicols I took.

I had district nurses visit me 3 times and was given a small enema…which did chuff all…then a large one which did work!

My upper abdomen was bloated and very uncomfortable. Never had the problem so high up before, it is usually in my left groin where the pain is.

That was Thursday, but I haven`t been since.

Been googling bananas. I`ve been eating 2 or 3 a day for months.

Now I find if someone isnt active, (and believe me Im not anymore, due to my in-dwelling monster, which is a bit different to its cousin, the MS monster) eating more than 1 or 2 bananas a day, dries out the bowel, causing constipation. So there i/you have it!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll 1 fybogel sachet every day plus baby fruit purée tubs have done it for me. Rarely have a problem anymore. Xx

So glad to hear you`ve got your bowels sorted.


luv Pollx

Hi Poll

So sorry to hear you have been having a rough time of it lately,

hope it gets sorted asap for you.

I always though bananas were good for constipation, so you have

opened my eyes to that one, thanks.

Take care, hope your end of the world misses the snow.

Pam x

Hi Poll I was wondering where you had got to. Sorry to hear you’ve been bunged up nothing worse is there. But glad your sorted now, maybe next time you should try grapefruit, always works for me. Lol xx

Ooh my ms nurse said linseed are good for that…not that I have tried it yet!

Hi Poll,

I find a bowl full of prunes helps a great deal plus an apple and lactulose. Glad you’ve sorted out your problem now.



Thanks all for your replies.

Although I have found out about too many bananas causing constipation, the problem isn`t yet rectified, as i still havent been since the enema on Thursday.

I have another problem too. Every day for a week, around 11ish, I go dizzy, feel sickly and then have to lie down, as I feel really tired and very weak. My standing strength is affected too. Therefore I hoist more, which has a negative effect on my standing.

can`t win, eh?

Guess I should call the doc tomorrow. Dont like feeling like this.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I think a gp visit is on the cards, you really do suffer with you bowels I hope you feel better soon. Love Karen xxx

Cheers hun.


Cheers hun.


Hi Poll Sorry you are having a tough time with your bowels again. Being constipated isn’t good for you and could explain why you are not feeling yourself. You must visit your GP for some advice…Keep us posted. Thinking of you luv Linda x

so strange, i get attacks like this i remember years ago every day at 11 o clock i would start to feel really dizzy and weak and it went on for weeks,then not too long ago i had these dos, at 1 o clock every day,does anyone know why its the same time each day,i thought i was making it up.

jaki xx

I stopped eating bananas every day because they ‘sit heavy’ on me.

I stopped eating dried apricots because they induced a rather explosive response! I love dried fruit, but have got a lot more careful about eating them these days. Nothing gets in the way of Hot Cross Buns and their dried fruit though!

Hi Poll,

I know you probably don’t want any more mental work in your house but wouldn’t it be a good time to speak to physio re a stand aid?

At least you could maintain standing without the fear of collapsing,it would help the old blood flow and reduce pressure areas,use it for toiletting,and heck just to be standing upright and the same level as everyone else has got to be a good thing.

On the bowel side of things if only you could of stayed on those wonder pills the respite doc gave you. I have to say my lass has been on them for years now with non of the nasties and the relief of daily movements!!!

Hope your sorted soon.


Hi, today`s news!

Spoke to GP on phone and we discussed my bowels lack of co-operation. She advised me to up the laxido/movicol sachets to 4 a day, plus take senna to help move things along.

As we were talking, I felt a rumble in my tummy.

Then we talked about my dizzy dos and she advised me to cut one of my BP tablets out for 2 weeks and see if they stop.

So when shed gone, I quickly got into my sling and shouted for hubby to get me onto the commode.............boy oh boy...........did I was monumental!!!! Thats `cos I had 3 sachets yesterday.

So its no bananas this week, plus Im having 2 rich tea biccys, with a cuppa at 11am just incase I`ve been having a drop in my blood sugar levels.

Jaki, do you think this could be the cause of your 1pm dizzy dos?

Pip, I have tried a standing aid and it was so difficult to use, as it hurt my back. I am using my etac patient turner again and am doing better.

Thanks mateys, for your advice and support. I am starting to feel like me again!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I’ve also stopped bananas. A shame really because they really help when I have fatigue meltdown… but they really ‘bind me’ in the bowel department!

I just did my supermarket online shopping and ordered a bag of golden linseeds which I’m going to try sprinkled on cereal and add to bread in bread machine.

So glad you ‘went’ hon.

I would have advise a banana at the dizzy/weak 11am meltdown… Can’t win eh?

Love Pat xx

Cheers Pat. You are a good chum to me!

luv Polllx