question for the ladies!

hi, hope everyone is as well as possible. just a quick question, i’ve been getting constant stomach cramps, like period pain, but no bleeding, could this be MS related, or is it something else? thanks, love Bex xx

I got something that sounded rather like that some years ago; turned out I had fybroids, the biggest was the size of an orange and was named Filbert! Anothr time I was just plain constipated and I thought my womb was exploding! Off to the doctor with you missy - go on phone and make the appointment! Clare the naggy xxx

Definitely a job for the GP (and whoever he/she refers you to). I get a lot of stomach pain and it turned out to be a combination of ulcers and inflammation (thanks to IV steroids), my MS and lactose intolerance. But it could have been loads of other things too, so not good to speculate - get an expert opinion! I hope it’s an easy fix for you :slight_smile: Karen x