Stomach bounching

I have had relapsing remitting MS since about 2012 and have had a couple of relapses. the last relapse has cause my stomach has become tight, similar to the feeling of the MS Hug, but the issue surrounds the fact it feels as if my stomach is moving when i am cycling and only happens when i go over bumps on the road and it feels like the stomach area is bouncing, it is more annoying than anything else.

My family does have a tenancy towards cancer, I smoke and i am a male to female transexual and i am under specialists for it.

my question is should i be worried about cancer or is it MS?

i hope this makes sense as it does to me, but could be likely better described.

Many thanks Nicki

hi nicola

have a chat to your GP about your concerns.

then speak to your ms nurse.

try not to let it take over.

carole x