Question re The Hug

So I’ve been relatively optimistic but having experienced internal vibrations for the last month, today I awoke to feel as if my abdomen was doing a belly dance, constricting under my rib cage. Sometimes left side and sometimes right side. Noticeable more when standing upright or lying down. I’ve tried fighting it but it’s exhausting. I’ve had tightening before but nothing like this. I’m undiagnosed but been referred to a neurologist again. So my question is, does this sound like an ms hug? Oh, and this vibration is that familiar also? Thank you so much in advance x

No and yes. I know; that’s really helpful, right? I get muscle spasms at random intervals, and I also get the vibrations sometimes. To the best of my knowledge, the MS hug is consistent pressure all around your rib cage, like you’re being hugged by a python or Great-uncle John who hasn’t seen you in 10 years.

Mine have never lasted for more than 15 minutes, but I’ve found that laying flat (no pillow) helps ease the discomfort a bit. If possible, I use the floor. Of course, that also requires having someone nearby to get me OFF the floor!

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Thank you so much for your reply; I really appreciate it. One thing I have learned having 3 ‘neurological’ episodes is that diagnosis can either be fast or drag on. Also that what people experience and the way they describe it are so varied. Like lots of people I look back and can say there have been numerous incidents I’ve ignored but if I’m truthful to myself, despite trying to be optimistic, I know something isn’t quite right. My second ‘episode’ was put down to stress and the lesions which has been previously documented as potential ms and optic neuritis were declared as stress by another neurologist. Today the tightening is lasting much longer and I feel like a boa constrictor is embracing me for their meal. I think it’s time to call the GP and say the 18 week waiting list won’t wait for me. Sending warm and gentle hugs to you Norasmum x

Have had the hug once before and lasted for a couple of weeks. It felt like I was wearing a corset for 24 hours a day. It wasn’t pleasant.