Pelvic floor dyssynergia!

Anyone else have this?

I have suffered from severe constiaption for 12 years. They did lots of tests and when they could not figure out why I was sent to a shrink. After DX this year my neuro has said it’s most likely down to the MS as he thinks I have had it a long time.

Anyway I have been referred back for more tests and after seeing the consultant on Monday he wants me to have a test done. This envolves them filling my bowels with stuff and I have to sit on a commode and pass it while they take xrays…LOVELY!

So when I got home I googled what he could be trying to look for and found this. Pelvic floor dyssynergia. It really does sound like this could be the problem. It’s when the muscles that stop you from soiling yourself do not relax to let you do a bowel movement. This can also affect you bladder and sexual function which I have trouble with too.

It can be caused by behavioural, neuro or another thing but I can not remember what.

The good news is that it can be helped with physio. They teach you how to relax those muscles.

Anyone else heard or have this?

Thanks in advance, Lindsay x

wow - yet another body part to go wonky!

i suppose it makes sense though.

i hope you get some relief soon

carole x

Humm, constipation is a REALLY common problem for people with MS. In fact, bladder and bowels are one of the exciting topics that you find yourself discussing with fellow PwMS who are otherwise complete strangers lol.

You might like to read the following articles in particular:

Meantime, good luck with those tests - they’ll be fun, I’m sure!

Lolli xx

Hi babylove Wow wow wow, I too having major problems in the bowel area. It’s really odd but I can not go for days on end and not feel like going to the loo then think, oh dear better try. The normal sitting on toilet for half hour, playing solitaire and finally have to push like giving birth again. This is every time I go…! Going for a wee, one minute I am bursting, the next minute I forget that I even wanted to go. As for sex, I used to absolutely love sex, really not that bothered anymore! Not happy about that one!