constipation (sorry)!

Errrrrrrmmmm how do I begin???

Well, at first I thought I was just a wee bit bunged up (noticed a few months back), never really done much about it, thought going to the loo every 3 or so days was normal. BUT NOW, I can go over a wk to 10days without going to the loo and thats even with 1 laxative (have recently tried the herbal stuff but that didnt work). Im beginning to wonder if my RR MS has anything to do with it. I dont even get the need to go anymore. I mean, what actually happens if you dont? Maybe I should go to my GP. Medication - amitriptyline, pregabalin, will these have anything to do with it???


hello jennifer,

being constipated is not good for you. i use lactulose and take 10 mg every night, the usual ‘normal’ dose is 5 mg but i find 10 mg works for me. pat is correct the drugs are the problem, so take a visit to your gp or talk to your ms nurse. wish you luck.




pat and janet are right. may i also suggest checking the basics first-are you drinking enough water. foods such as oj,liquorice,prunes or anything else that u know will help u go. i find that taking the least medication as poss helps. i know this isnt always practical but sometimes less is better. good luck with gp!

ellie x

I’ve started sprinkling linseeds (also known as flax seeds) on my breakfast cereal, and I’ve been more regular since doing that.

If nothing gets you moving though I’d see a doctor about it, as it’s probably not great to regularly be going that length of time.


There are none medicinal ways of keeping yourself regular. Liquorice and Bran Flakes work wonders eaten a few times a week.

Hi I have suffered unexplained constipation for years before diagnosis. Pain in the arse…literally !! My strategy now and it works, is, 1 sachet of fybogel which you dissolve in half a glass of water and is a nice orange flavour drink, every day (available from supermarket and much better than laxatives as all they do is make your bowel spasm whereas fybogel works by softening your stool), and baby food !! Yes baby food. I buy the fruit purée, mix it with yoghurt or custard and have one or two pots per day. They are also one of your five a day. I have very rarely had a problem since…and even then it’s not a real problem, just takes a bit erm…well, diplomatically, a bit longer !! I now go every day and never on the toilet for longer than a few minutes. Hope this helps… Xx

Just to let you know (tho you probably guessed from all the replies you got) constipation can be caused by MS - mine came on out of the blue, without me changing any of the drugs I was on. I went from going every day to suddenly going every five or six days (and being really uncomfortable). Now I have a tablespoon of split linseeds sprinkled on (almost) every meal and I’m generally ok.

Oops …sorry bout the filtered word…I thought it would be ok…should have use “bum” instead…sorry mods !!!

Kiwi fruit and a Yakult probotic drink everyday - keeps me regular - thankfully

Hi, constipation is a hobby of mine…not! But it does take up a lot of my time.

Just had a bad bout of it. I have had the problem on and off for years, but this recent lot put me in bed for several days, as the pain was so bad.

I had the district nurses in and it took a small enema, then a larger one to shift me!

Then I was bunged up again and my GP gave me senna and extra movicols.

So for the last week, Ive been going` for England. it takes ages to clean me up…as much as 30-45 mins! Its so tiring and I end up asking hubby to help…poor lad!

I put my constipation down to the fact that I have lost all mobility and spend a lot of time sitting. Plus the bowels have lost their peristalsis action.

Dont we all have a great time?

luv Pollx