Vitimin B12

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all haeing a reasonably good day.

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Vit B12 injections.

A few people I know get these to help with fatigue and say they really help.

My GP on the other hand doesn't agree and believes there is no benefit.

I have never tried them and was wondering if anyone else has tried them.

I am going to speak to the MS Nurse about them the next time I am over but just wanted to gather a few thoughts first.


Jo -x-

i have the B12 injection every 3's one of those things that i can't tell immediately but my family can see that it makes a difference.

i always have the jab in my bum because my arms and legs are puny.

i have to see the district nurse for it because my gp's surgery only provide it for OAPs


carole x

They're good if you're low in B12, which quite a lot of MSers seem to be, but you have to have the blood test to find out.  

My GP suggested the blood test, found I was low, did another blood test to look at 'intrinsic factor' - which always makes me think of 'medicinal compound' - said that was OK and showed there was no obvious cause for my low B12,  so no harm in topping it up to normal with injections.  But I don't suppose there's going to be much benefit it you have plenty already.  I guess if you do not know your levels, that is the place to start.





Ive been reading alot over the past week about b12 as not long had blood test for it (awaiting results). You've got nothing to loose by finding out, if you are low, then I guess having the injections would then help x

l have just had the results of my blood test for B12 - l had to badger the GP to allow it. The results were much lower then is recommended for pwms - but did come in at the lower end of what is 'allowed' by our out of date GP's.

l do take a high dose supplement - but l do not think it works the same as the injections. Have you looked at the website called 'Could it be B12' - l got the book from Amazon - lts very interesting reading. Also Dr Chandy's site on B12.

B12 is just as important as Vit d3 to us pwms.


Thanks everyone. I will mention to the nurse and take it from there.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.