Do any of you have vitamin B 12 injections?

l had a phone call, from a friend with MS, this morning. She has been having monthly B 12 injections for some time. And they have been very beneficial to her - in fact she can tell when she needs the next injection - as she feels very fatigued. Her GP has said that she cannot have anymore as the NHS in conjunction with the MSSociety have stated that B12 injections do nothing to help her condition and are now being stopped.

My friend lives in West Yorkshire/Airedale. She has to go to Pontefract for her 'botox' injections for bladder control - and she has also been told that these might be stopped because of lack of funding.

She has requested that l ask you all on this site if this has happened to you. Because of problems with her sight she is unable to use a computer.

l have never been able to get B 12 injections as my GP says they are only allowed to give them to patients with pernicious anaemia. l do take a b12 supplement - but l do not think they are as good as the injections.

Hope someone can help


Please read the following petition which is currently going through the Scottish Parliament:

Now read the parliaments response and, in particular, the comments from John Wilson MSP, whose wife has both MS and PA: (starts halfway down page 227).


my gp used to give me monthly injections but now i have to see the district nurse every 3 months.

i really believe that B12 injections help.


carole x

I have been on b12 injections every 12 weeks since my levels came out low several years ago. I do not have pernicious anaemia. I had the most recent one a couple of weeks ago and there was no talk then of doing anything other than continuing.


hi frances

i come under airedale hospital and am in n yorks. ive been having b12 injections for some years at my gp surgery due to very low b12, not pernicious anemia. i too can tell when im due my next  injections, the fatigue digs its heals in big time. i wonder if your friend is lacking b12 or is having injections to aid her ms symptoms?  i am due to have mine soon so will let you know if i get it or not. the help for ms in this area is cr@p  and i do sypathise with your friend.

zelda x


Hi Zelda. I have been having B12 injections once a month for about a year and a half.

I definitely feel that they have helped and as someone else said I know when I am due

another. I should have had mine last thursday and I feel really tired. Roll on monday.


Thanks everyone - l will pass on your replies - and also have another go at my GP - as they just poo-poo at my requests for b12. They told me that only pwms on dmd's were given b12 - as the dmd's depleted the bodies b12.


hi frances

i had my b12 today no probs. im afraid i didnt get chance to ask if they were changing their policy as the nurse dragged a doc in to listen to my chest (been coughing and snotty for 2 weeks now and thought it was about time i got it sorted as i feel rough). so now have anti b's to take for 7 days.