Vitamin B12 Injections


I haven’t posted a message on here for years, but I am rather cross and need to vent to people who will understand why!

I haven’t checked the threads, but I know that B12 and its use in “treating” MS comes up as a point of contention from time to time. Anyway, my story is as follows: Having been injected with B12 on a monthly basis for 10 years, my general nurse advised me last time that I was having it too often and that the jab should be at 3-monthly intervals at the most. I questioned the validity of this decision - particularly as I had not been given a reason that was based on a clinical assessment (I haven’t had a blood test, for example). I was advised that it was best to speak to my GP…

I had the pleasure of a telephone discussion with my doctor. She said that the nurse was correct and that I didn’t need a blood test (incidentally, she also said that I must have the “highest level of B12 in Hampshire”). I should “see how I get on” and “get in touch if I need to”.

I do not have any particular emotional attachment to the B12 injection. However, I know that it helps me to manage my energy/fatigue levels. I do not believe that the decrease in regularity with which I have the jab has anything to do with “concerns about the amount that I am having” and, instead, reflects the latest NICE guidelines about the use of B12 as a treatment for MS. The thing is, when undergoing tests for MS in 2002, my B12 deficiency was diagnosed in the context that I do not absorb it through my stomach.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom that they can share with regards to this one, please?