Vitamin injections?

Hello all

I’m was just jotting down my list of questions / new symptoms to talk to my MS Nurse about at my 6-monthly check up next week and something has just occurred to me.

I have seen several threads on here talking about Vitamin D & B12 injections. Since I was dx 6 yrs ago, no medical person has spoken to me about vitamins. After reading online about a possible connection between MS & low vitamin D levels, I asked my GP to check my level (which, surprise, surprise, was very low!) and was put on a Vit D3 + calcium supplement. (I know it’s a case of locking the stable door etc, but apparently there also is an increased risk of osteoperosis).

When I requested another check on my level a year later, it had not improved. That was 2 years ago and no one has mentioned it again since.

So, I would like to know:

  1. Should my Vit D & B12 levels be checked as a matter of routine or do I need to request it?

  2. Should my MS nurse be “clued up” about vitamins - I spoke with her after I was diagnosed and she didn’t seem very interested.

  3. Are injections done through the hospital or GP’s surgery?

I think I’ve taken my eye off the ball a bit, so if you can give me any guidance before I see Sheila, I would be very grateful.

Emma x

Emma, l have found it best to try to learn as much as you can - not rely on MS nurses/GP/Neuro. l take 10,000ius of vitd3 daily - in the winter l take 20,000ius daily. [Healthy Origins softgels from amazon]. l have my d3 levels checked every 6month via B/Ham Assays Lab. lt an online postal service. Just a pin-prick blood spot test - so very easy. You need to be between 150/225nmols - l started at a very low level - and still have not managed to get over the 98nmol level. The levels your GP will work from will possibly be very out of date. Our NHS - take 50yrs to accept a change.

Do read up on Vitamin B12. Now this is very important to us as a b12 deficiency can cause MS like sympotms. Look up ‘Could it be B12 - An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses.’ Also google Vitamin B12 - deficiency MS and Vitamin D3 deficiency MS.

hi emma

i have monthly B12 injections.

used to be done at gp’s surgery but now it has to be done by district nurses.

so now i have to go to the next town to see district nurse.

carole x