vit d3 levels?

Hi all

Found out today that my vit d3 levels are low.34? anyway my MS nurse said she would contact my GP to arrange medication. My question is: will it be in tablet form or injections the same as my vit b12 injections

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I take B vitamin tablets from

Hope that helps. They’re huge but I’m trying to avoid injections x

Hi Mrs C!

Have you not had you levels checked by the MS nurse/neuro or gp? if so, you can be treated on the NHS.

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Mine are low at 40 I got told by GP and nothing been done assume I have to get supplements myself if I want Ax

Hi Claire & Arwen,

You both seem to have very low amounts of Vit.D3, if the normal values that have been suggested previously on this site are anything to go by

You can order Vit.D3 capsules of different strengths online through - I believe several MS Forum members go down this route (…myself included).

It would be prudent, however, to discuss which dosage would be best for you with your GP/Neuro/MS Nurse first !

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Same as Dom - l get my vitd3 from Amazon - Healthy Origins softgels. l take 10.000ius daily - unless l have been outdoors sunbathing - which this summer l did manage. l can not get my levels higher then 98mnols - 175/225 is the recommended level. To begin with my levels were extremely low. l get my vitd3 tested from B/Ham Assay Labs. lt is a pin-prick blood spot test that they post to you. l do this as my GP is not interested in my vitd3 level!! Like with most things associated with MS - you need to ‘treat yourself’. Luckily, Vitd3 costs about £15 per annum - so is probably cheaper to do yourself if you have to pay prescription charges.

Vitb12 - you can get in minute capsules - or a spray - or little packs of crystalls that you dissolve in water and drink. l get my vitb12 via amazon. You need methylcobalamin sublingual B12 - l take 2000mcg daily.

For more info just google -vitamin d3 deficiency ms - and - vitamin b12 deficiency ms -

Magnesium is also needed along with D3 -

Hi spacejacket and liamsquash,

Thanks for taking to time to respond and your advice.

l just dont understand why you have to seek out your own medication. Have you spoke to your MS nurse or neuro about testing your levels for both Vitb12 and vit d3? i just think its appalling that you have to use internet sites to source medication you need, apart from safety aspects, its just wrong.

Take care both


I have not got a firm dx yet but my GP tests for both vit D and B12 and gives me a prescription for both although it is cheaper to buy on line unless of course you qualify for free prescriptions. My vit D level was 12 and I was given 20,000 strength to take every other day. The GP and consultant have both regularly blood tested to make sure I am not overdosing. It seems it is down to individual GPs/consultants and. possibly, the postcode lottery. Hope this helps.

My GP insisted that it is only people on dmd’s who need B12 - which we know is rubbish. And in 31yrs of MS - l have never seen a MS Nurse. l live too far away to be in a ‘catchment area’. As for vitD3 - The neuro l saw - [head consultant] poo-pood the idea of vitd3 deficiency being connected to MS. He told me to drink more milk!!!. When l got my first test done -privately my level was 11. With SPMS - lt is my experience that you are left to just get on with it. Last January - did get to see another neuro - who did show some compassion. He is all for me having Sativex to help with muscle spasm - and is also keen on LDN. He arranged for me to have a bone-density test done - and for me to have physio at the Rehab clinic. lt did take 7months before l got my first physio session - and l have been three times now. As l had been taking a high dose vitd3 - my bone density was OK. Vitd3/magnesium help the body absorb calcium.

lts all a postcode lottery.

Hi spacejacket and liamsquash. Thanks for the info will look at the vit d3 test and getting my own although hopefully the nice summer may have brought it up a bit A