VIT D injection?


Not been here for quite sometime. Hope everyone is as well as can be.

Just a quick question, had a blood test for my vit d levels. I have now had a call to say i need to go to GP’s next week for a vit d injection. My question is, would it possible to ask for tablets instead of injection? its just that, im already on 3 monthly vitb12 injections, so would really prefer supplements as opposed to another injection, Anyone else had a similar situation ?


hi ellie

i have monthly B12 injections but would love to get vit D injections too!

it gets into your system much more quickly.

i’m sure that your gp would agree with supplements if you absolutely refuse the injection.

carole x

Sounds as if your vitd3 level is pretty low - so go along with the injections as a ‘loading’ dose - then you can maintain the levels with the vitd3 softgel capsules. l get mine from amazon - Healthy Origins 360 gels for about £15. So a years supply. l use the 10,000ius ones and get my levels tested at CityAssay Labs /Birmingham. lt is a postal service - just a simple blood spot test.