B12 levels

Morning guys - hope you are all well - my neuro / MS nurse recommend B12 monthly but when I went to the gp’s surgery last week, the nurse questioned the fact, if i need it every month and proceeded to do a blood test to get my levels checked…I got a different nurse last month and she said to make sure i got them monthly…bit frustrating to be honest…any thoughts?? or recommended Vitb12 levels??

i don’t know precise levels. i do know it is useful for nerve growth / building / rejuvenation.

i also know it is not easy to absorb and assimilate and thus anything other than sublingual or straight into a vein is more or less useless.

Thanks Paolo - my injection is into the muscle

Its a kinda strange because one on my MS mates belongs to the same gp’s surgery and she gets it every month without question but hey, maybe we only need it every 3 months anyway, if at all…