Vitamin D 5000iu


I hope everyone is as well as they can be.

Like many of us, I take Vitamin D 5000 iu each day. I have previously ordered these from Amazon but there only seem to be 1000 or 4000iu versions available. Should I try taking 1 x 4000iu with a 1 x 1000iu?

I’ve had a look in Holland and Barrett but they didn’t have 5000iu in the store.

Has anyone else had problems sourcing their vitamin D? Sunlight isn’t an option at the moment due to the snow!

Thanks in advance


Vitamin D3 is available on the NHS, at least thats how I get mine, and it’s at 5000iu.

I was recently advised by MS clinic and urology consultant to cut the dose by at least half due to kidney stone issues.

The D3 doesn’t actually cause the stones but its something to do with how it’s broken down in the body and raising calcium levels, I think.

Thank you Scudger! That’s brilliant!

i ordered some online because the ones from the nhs are too big, like swallowing a suppository!

they are small softgel ones and i got them from amazon.