Vitamin B

Some 40 years ago my Neurologist put me on a course of Cytamen injections; one every two months; Vitamin B complex saying most people with MS lack in some degree this vitamin, This lasted 4 years until I thought; what’s the use.

I had a blood test last week and guess what; I’m slightly anaemic; a problem with my Vitamin B; not that I notice it.

Listening to Nick Ferrari this morning a Nurse came on and said the only thing she takes is vitamin B; keeps good Bacteria in the gut; no need for Antibiotics.

I do not take many Antibiotics anyway; and the man who came on after her said the Chinese give their animals so many Antibiotics that there will be a pandemic of super-bugs anyway.

I am going to get back on my Cytamen; I suggest you all get you Vitamin B levels checked.


interesting george.

i had vit b12 levels checked recently because mum had a heart valve replacement 3 mths ago and vit b12 deficiency contributed to that. all to to with tum and not being able to process it so taking tabs pointless anyway. 3mthly injection doesnt lie easy with me cos that a boost then tails off. i take the vit b12 spray-have done for several years. both sis and i got checked cos of the history but both unaffected thankfully.

body is i fine tuned engine!