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Hi everyone, I got diagnosed with MS last week after a case of numbness down my left side and nystagmus. I am also remembering an ear infection I had that caused vertigo in 2021. So it’s possible I have had it for a number of years without realising. I am still trying to get my head around it all and have been told it could be 1-2 months before I see an MS team. I am trying to get into the mindset now of doing what I can to improve my general health to tackle the MS and delay any further symptoms. My neurologist advised high strength Vitamin D. Someone I know told me I should immediately start taking a range of other vitamins, including vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. Does anyone know what I should be taking in addition to vitamin D??

I take 4000IU D3 in BST, double that in GMT when it’s less sunny. Magnesium 375mg, B12 1.2mg, Co-enzyme Q10 100mg, Fish oil 2000mg (high EPA & DHA), Turmeric (circumin) 2000mg plus a cheap multi-vitamin tablet as a catch-all.

Get vitamin B6 or B12

Hi Ellen

I would suggest taking a look at the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis website as I definitely think that there are some fantastic ideas for those who are newly diagnosed to MS. Following their plan over the last 12 years for me has been the reason I have staved off the progression of the disease so far along with following the 'Eat Right for your Type ’ book by Peter D’adamo.


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This is where you become your own chemist. You can buy high strength vitamen D. However you may be able to get it prescribed by your GP . I get Evacal D3 1500 mg /400iu prescibed by my doctor . These are chewable tablets however if you find these unpalatable there are other options

Same for D3 (plus K2 in my case) and turmeric and magnesium. I have b12 injections from the GP, as I am deficient as so many of us are.

Personally, I think your priority in terms of general health should be nutrition and exercise. Vitamins and supplements as well, sure, but for me they play second fiddle to the mighty Doctors Food and Exercise. I have heard exercise compared to a DMD in terms of its power, and I wouldn’t argue with that. I am on a powerful DMD too, by the way. It’s a multi-faceted defence system you want.

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Welcome. I opted for homeopathy to treat my MS, when I was initially dx 20+ years ago.
I was prescribed by the practitioner various vitamins and supplements, which helped a lot.
I only started DMD after this horrid disease returned, about a decade later.
Hope you find the treatment for MS which works best for you.