Vitamins supplements ?

Has anyone with ms had a test to see if they have a deficiency in vitamins or minerals? I am considering taking vitamin D supplement and will talk with my GP/ms nurse re same but could really do with any advice, has anyone found supplements beneficial?

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I had low Vit D before diagnosis and having been taking 4000iu daily ever since (2 1/2 years) after the consultant recommended it. I take various other supplements and have gone gluten, soya and dairy free. I certainly have a lot less fatigue than I did.

Within the past couple of years I was extremely fatigued and was found to be Vitamin D deficient. I get very little sun exposure and am seldom abroad etc though trying to rectify. I was given a loading dose of Vitamin D for a couple of weeks and now just get a one a day 1000 iu tablet daily. My daughter does tell me that is not enough. I am also on folic acid 5 mg per day and have only recently started a multivitamin daily. This is due to my fear of deterioration cognitively. Intention is to start to play some video games as they help build the plasticity in the brain [yes this has been demonstrated] and of course this is relevant to ourselves. Travel is also good for the Vitamin D of course and also helps keep the brain sharp. So it i recommended we learn a new language. I may try this.

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Thank you for replying. I am trying to improve my gut microbiome and gave up dairy too and have been drinking green tea, avoiding bread, potatoes etc. I will ask my doctor if I can have a blood test re any deficiencies as I have no training and I am trying to follow a new diet to improve my nutrition, in the hope it lessens fatigue and ideally may even delay any further decline

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Thank you, this info really helps, I have read that turmeric helps the body’s enzymes process vitamins more effectively too. At least it is worth trying as with ppms, although new potential avenues seem to be appearing on the horizon, it feels good to be proactive if done sensibly.

Do some research and read everything here

Health starts with a balanced diet. Health starts in the kitchen 75% diet 25% exercise. You can work out everyday but if you don’t give your body what it needs you won’t get anywhere.

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Hubble, it’s a very good idea to take a blood test to identify the deficiencies. A diet will help you improve your nutrition and your overall condition. Am I right?

You are absolutely right. Eating a healthy diet gives your body all the vitamins and elements it needs. Why do people who abuse fast food complain about health and physical problems? Unhealthy food kills their bodies and provokes the development of diseases. But we shouldn’t forget that eating right isn’t enough to be healthy. Many recommendations for a healthy lifestyle help people not to get sick. What elements do you think create a healthy lifestyle? For me, it’s being active , getting up early in the morning, eating a healthy diet, and doing sports. Thanks to , I can live a healthy life.

I too was found to deficient in Vit D and put on supplements, though my neuro said all MS patients should take 1000iu daily.

More significantly I was found to be deficient in vit B12 and that affected my memory, ability to find words, concentration etc badly. I was commenced on injections and after the initial 6 in two weeks which is the loading dose it felt as if someone had switched the lights on for me.

I can feel when my next injection is due as I lose words, fatigue is worse, as is my concentration. It’s made a huge difference to my life, and is worth checking if you’re struggling.

Take care

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I had a low Vit D and B12 deficiency years ago. I started on quite a high dose of Vit D supplements which got me back up to above normal levels, Same with B12. For fatigue I take Modafinil which I find really helps.
I do have regular blood tests to check my Vitamin levels.