Vitamin Supplements

Hi all I wonder if anyone can advise me. Diagnosed 5 months ago, age 46… Other than Vitamin D what should I be taking? Thanks Annie

b complex is really good and a B12 shot if your health authority do them.

good luck

carole x

Dear Annie

I can’t advise as we’re all different but this is me:

5000 iu high strength vitamin D per day (available from BigVits).

Multi vit complex, common garden, from my local shop.

Vitamin B12 is really helpful. I take a general vitamin B complex but B12 is the one if you can get it.

I eat as healthily as I can, gluten free, low sugar, low fat.


Thanks guys… appreciate the info. A:-)


I take 1000 international units of Vit D daily and get 3 monthly Vit B12 injections and if I need I bettween injections, I take Vit B12 tablets.

I try to eat properly most of the time, but MS has robbed me of a number of “nice” things, so a wee glass of wine and some cake or chocolate, is a pleasure that I endulge in when I want to!



It’s Vit D3 that I take



Hi Annie

I would very much agree with the other posts that Vit B is a must: I take a good-quality mutli-B supplement everyday. Gives you a much-needed energy boost, especially when fatigue hits.

Can also highly recommend:

Vitamin C (I take up to 3,000mg a day) - keeps your immune system more resilient

Flaxseed Oil - it’s high in the Omegas and essential fatty acids and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Also makes your skin look amazing! Lot’s of research to support it’s use in MS sufferers.

Echinacea - not sure if you have issues with thrush, but this is the ONLY thing (and I mean that, my pharmacist can account for the hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on medicine-based treatments that don’t work) that keeps this under control. If you do find you have issues, take it every day for a week, then have a week off, and repeat if needed. Otherwise your body gets immune to it.

Good luck!


Hi Annie,

Sorry about your diagnosis, but this is a great forum to ask questions and get answers.

I take Vit D 5,000iu, multi vitamins, Omega 3 fish oil/ flaxseed (on alternate days - covering every option)

magnesuim tables (for cramps) . Put them and my prescription tablets in one of the handy one-a-day tablet boxes you get from the chemist. Fill it up every Sunday - easy!!

Hope you keep well,

Jen x

Hi Annie I take vit D, vit B12, calcium and magnessium combo (magnessium helps with cramps but depletes calcium reserves which is important for us girlies bones hence the combo), omega 3 and zinc. I also take a fybogel sachet everyday to prevent the dreaded constipation and a berocca tablet drink to help boost energy. As for diet, I have just started an anti I flammatory diet a week ago, so probably too early to tell if it’s making a difference. I am definitely sleeping better without any caffeine and my skin looks better. Xx

I take a multi vit plus iron, vit d, calcuim, ginko biloba. Everyone is different with this bloody disease so it just a case of what makes you feel good. I only take 400 of vit d because thats what was recommended by the ms nurse. You should also supplement with calcium if you are taking the vit d because of the way the vit d is metabolised. There is a help sheet from the ms trust available about supplementing. have a look on there website, very helpfull.

Hi Annie,

I take berocca tablet, vitamin D 5000iu, super strength omiga 3 oil tablet, selenium and devils claw (anti-inflammatory) every day. I try to eat low fat food but have one day off a week to eat whatever I want and today it is McDonalds!

Take care

Martina x

There’s plenty of reference to Vitamin D, but should this not be Vitamin D3 ?

Yes…sorry…stupid me…I made the mistake of buying regular vit D before I realised that it should be D3.

Hi, I’m new to this forum, so please excuse any mistakes I make. I was diagnosed with ms 22 years ago (I’m now 50) and have only just started taking vit d + calcium I believe the dosage is 800 iu a day. My nurse suggested taking 5,000 iu but upon asking my local pharmacist she told me I was taking plenty? Could anybody give me a little info on this and does extra vit d interfere with the calcium. Thank you. Tina’ x


I take vit d3 5000 iu (regulates immune system) . I have ramped up my vit b12 from 500 mcg to 1,500 mcg. I have been in relapse and this has definitely helped with my symptoms. It is used in the formation of the myelin sheath. I take magnessium 250 mg for aches and pains, seems to really work. Calcium 800 mg as I don’t do dairy and this is needed for the adsorbtion of vit d. 1g of Omega3 for it’s anti-inflamatory properties. I also take a really probiotic for my stomach. It’s on offer at the moment Really good. This helps with the adsorption of vit b12 apparently and keeps the bad bacteria in check.

I have cut out gluten in the last few weeks, sugar and caffeine. I feel a lot better for it and feel that I am getting on top of my symptoms. I also sleep a lot better.

Adrian x

As a newbie to this forum and this condition I am so grateful for all this info. Thx to all A x

My neuro has prescribed me 50,000 iu of Vitamin D a week. I would not take much notice (at all) on Pharmacist and GPs opinion Vit D doses - their knowledge of anything MS-related is pretty superficial (if existant!)

My neuro has prescribed me 50,000 iu of Vitamin D a week. I would not take much notice (at all) on Pharmacist and GPs opinion Vit D doses - their knowledge of anything MS-related is pretty superficial (if existant!)

lf you google vitamin d3 deficiency ms - and vitamin b12 deficiency ms - there is lots of helpful info. Magnesium is also recommended to take alongside the D3.

l take 10.000ius of vitd3 daily as my levels are always low. 1.000ius is recommended for babies - 2500 for toddlers and older children - 5000 for adults. But with ms - we seem to be deficient in both vitb12 and d3 - so need a higher level. You can get a postal d3 test from B/Ham City Assays - its just a pin-prick test and the results will be emailed back to you very promptly.

Most of us seem to buy our vitd3 online from Amazon or BigVits - the Healthy Origins softgels are about £15 for 360 - so very cheap for a years supply.

lf you stripped off and sunbathed in bright sunshine for 20mins - your body would absorb 25.000ius of vitd3. After the 20 mins you would just burn.

There is more calcium in parsley then milk - so don’t worry about eating lots of dairy. Just eat lots of dark green veg and salad especially watercress/rocket. l take Spirulina and Chlorella - which is a green superfood.

For breakfast l have muesli - my favourite is one from Lidl - it is full of nuts -called Goody - luxury fruit and nut - l have greek yoghurt on it - manuka honey and toasted golden linseeds sprinkled on top. Full of goodness and fibre.

And also treat yourself to dark chocolate - very good for mood - and brain power.