Vit D3

Hi all … Please can anyone tell me what the normal range for Vit d3 is. Grateful for any information. Thanks. Roger.

Hi Roger

Do you mean how much should you take per day? My Neurologist told me to take 5000 international units per day. It may differ for everyone though.


lf you have a blood test at your GP - your level should be 150/225nmols. There are some good info the web - vitamind3uk

vitamin d cure - lf you google vitamin d3 deficiency ms - and not just ms - all auto-immune diseases are connected-osteo-arthritis/hyper tension/diabetes/coeliac/crohns/lBS/ to a vitamin d3 deficiency - and 17 types of cancer.

l take 10,000ius daily - but for the last two years l took 20,000ius as my level was only 23 - lt is still not up to the optimum-and l do occasionally use a sun-bed - which is another way of boosting your d3. On a hot sunny day - 15mins [in the nuddy] you will absorb 20,000ius. After 15mins your skin does not absorb anymore - just burns.


Thanks so much for your input - both. I take 5000 iu daily and my recent blood test was 118 so I suppose Im getting there. The number for a normal reading is what I was after. Roger