Visual problems, making things easier?

Hi all, One of the main problems MS brings for me is poor eyesIght. The hospital documents say optic atrophy. My main question is for anyone else who may know of ways of making things easier. Using a PC means I have to use a magnifier, not the easiest thing to get on with but manageable. I was thinking of things to do to occupy myself at times as even watching tv has its difficulties, reading came to mind but having bigger text really is needed and was wondering if a kindle or such can do that? Tiredness is another thing so easier things was what I was considering. Any kind of tips and suggestions are greatly welcome. Another thing I feel I should mention is I’m 25.

What about audio books?

how about magna print books. they have a list on the 01729 840225.


A Kindle is a brilliant idea, I have one and you can change the size of the text which it makes reading a pleasure, of course as already stated audio books are good and you can get audio books for the Kindle.

I wish you luck.


I have a Kindle, and you can adjust the size of the text - mine is a couple of years old now, I think the newer ones have a backlight and are a little smaller, so lighter too. They’re much easier to handle than a proper book, and I love the fact that you can download the books straight to the device without having to plug it into your computer - this was the main selling point for me for the Kindle over other e-readers. Have you tried the disability settings on the computer? You can adjust the size of the screen text and make the colours more suitable - I found this very useful when recovering from optic neuritis a few years ago. On a Windows computer, it’s in Control Panel, Ease of Access - there must be something similar on other operating systems, but I don’t know about them.

For managing tiredness, try to break tasks down into steps - then you can do a step, take a rest, do another one, for example, for me to vacuum the hall and the living room needs 7 steps:

1 - move everything off the floor

2 - take the hoover out of the cupboard and plug it in

3 - hoover the hall

4 - hoover the living room (luckily there’s a long wire and I can do both rooms from the one socket)

5 - empty the cartridge (bagless vacuum)

6 - put the hoover away

7 - replace the things that live on the floor (dog dishes, blanket, etc)

You’ll get there, you just need to think about things more

Luisa x

Is there a local blind association who you can contact, I know where I work (Eye clinic) we have volunteers who come in and chat to patients in the waiting area but also are able to give advice via phone, email. There are different types of viewers available, large print books, using markers in the house etc.

Audio books do it for me. I have difficulty with print because of double vision and bigger does not solve this problem - reading is very tiring but audio books are great. I’ve got a membership at and my library have downloadable books. The only drawback is that I find myself listening on my ipod way into the night when I should be sleeping!