talking kindle

Is there such a thing as a kindle that will read to you? Just asking cos I had an “episode” with my rt eye beginning August where I had eye pain on movement and to touch eye occasional blurring and hard to describe but I said to optician it kept feeling like I was about to lose/or already had lost vision but when I checked it was ok. This lasted 2 weeks mainly and optician couldn’t find anything other than squint that was mild had worsened and changed direction and was a neuro cause. I see double without my prism glasses and gets worse by end of day. Now noted started blurring again a lot to that eye again today and to be honest any time I read a lot its worse but I love books so am still going but wobder if thats making it worse and if a read it to me option is iut tgere. Thanks Axxx

My kindle does have the option for spoken menus so if there is an audio content with a book it should speak it. But I’ve never tried it. I do have an app for my phone - cost was £1.69 ish and is just called Audiobooks - there I can get quite a lot of free audio books. Its through a thing called Librivox and the books are read by volunteers but all the books are ones that are free in the public domain. This is the link if you want to have a look. Also I think there is a guy on ebay who downloads these onto discs and you can get about 10 discs for about £12.99 - do a search under audiobooks collection.

The good thing about a kindle is that you can increase the text size to something that suits you. I love mine, I just could not do without it. If fact I have had to ban myself from getting more books. There are a few pages on facebook where you can download loads either free, or 59p or 77p.

Happy reading (listening)

JellyBellyKelly xx

Thanks jellybellykelly. Will have a look at that app. Didn’t know you could change text size either that could be useful Axx

I’m with JBK could’t do without my Kindle. I use the large text print so I don’t need to play hunt the glasses before settling down. I will now check to see if mine has the audio option. Thanks JBK for pointing this out. Must admit to using audio books if I am ever on a long car journey. Something very comforting in being read a story. Do hope you find a solution Arwen I too would be lost without my books. I downloaded one by accident the other day, not my type of book really but I read it anyway and was absolutely hooked.