Eyes again

has anyone had problems with their eyes while reading a kindle or tablet , I have had eye pain on and off for years , now I have developed another thing, the words look green or red even if I patch the painful eye .It doesn’t happen all the time , its generally when tired or have eye pain . Has any body had this problem or is it just me .

Hi, I don’t get red or green words but I do find my eyesight in one eye can become very blurred and writing on my phone will become a light grey blur. Actually this is the reason I was finally sent to a neurologist and diagnosed. I also get pain around the eye, sometimes it is better than others.

I have nystagmus so I often wear a patch but swap eyes as they apparently both need extra exercise & rest time. Basically, they don’t really work together, I think one jiggles up/down and the other side/side. I only found this out from eye casualty& they also sent me for a brain MRI but I’ve not heard anything from them since. I’m going to talk to my neuro about it when I next see him.

I’m not sure there’s a simple answer. Personally, I’m ok with my tablet as it’s fairly close but social events can be a bit of a nightmare! I think it’s more difficult for me to focus if there’s a lot of movements etc.

It might be worth checking in with your MS nurse

Sonia x

I get the light grey blur too - but not just using a kindle its on anything I try to focus on - even a clock. The words and numbers seem to slightly dance or my vision skitters over them. I have had my eyes checked - all healthy & I do have a bit of sinusitis as well so sometimes my eyes feel tired & a bit pressured.

Never a dull moment with MS

take care all

JBK xx