Eye pain and vision problems getting me down

This is just a moan about eyes - though keen to hear about other experiences! I’ve had several bouts of optic neuritis that have left the vision in my right eye washed out and blurry when tired. In the past 6 months or so, I’ve noticed - or think I have - my vision going out of focus in mid and long range, and I have the sense that I can’t see clearly. A little bit of double vision too. I’m ok at using computer screen with reading glasses (my long distance vision doesn’t need correction with glasses) but watching tv is getting harder - and reading books/pages of text is v tough - can’t concentrate on the line. And my right eye keeps hurting! Got a Neuro- ophthalmology app but not until April. Think it might be problem with muscle control rather than optic nerve. Wondering if eye patch would help with TV ?

Moan over! Wishing you all well x

Hi Becca

Sorry to hear you are suffering.

I have had optic neuritis since diagnosis in 2005.

I find that when I get tired, stressed or have overdone it the blurred vision starts in my right eye. I have it in my left eye too but not as bad.

I find that an eye patch really helps when I read or watch tv when things are bad. Also, an ice pack placed over the eye for a few minutes helps too.

Hope this helps you out. Oh and you are not moaning.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Thanks for helpful kind words - trying out an eye patch now and feels a bit better :slight_smile:

Hi BeccaT

I have a bit of a problem in my right eye, like you when I’m tired or done too much I can feel it,if that makes sense and does start to go blurry and some times it feels like I’ve got something in it.

ive also had this since diagnosis, but once rested it goes.

I have dreadful double vision, not close to but in the distance (even at the other side of the room) I was getting very low about it until my consultant referred me to ophthalmology. They fitted temporary prisms to my distance glasses and experimented until they were just right and I now have fixed ones in my specs. It has made all the difference.

I know you don’t wear distance specs but perhaps you could do something with plain lenses - frankly it has to be a better look than the pirate!