Eye Problems

I’m on a roll with these posts now!!!

I have been experiencing some visual problems for the last couple of weeks (wear contact lenses or glasses normally) I though I was experiencing Optic Neuritis (along with other symptoms) and took a course of steroids which has helped with the other syumptoms.

My eyes just dont feel ‘right’ I can see generally ok but when watching tv or using computer at work etc words etc on screen are a bit skewed and i need to squint. Also I find it difficult to focus on faces etc and again need to squint.

I dont want to take any chances with my eyes but i also am worried it will have DVLA implications when my license is up for renewal again (need to drive for work)

Has anyone experienced this? or can offer advise?


Hi Ive just started getting double vision,and i hate it.It is not always when im tired.I first found out a few weeks ago,in Corfu.I was looking through the binoculars,and saw the trees moving slightly. When i removed the binoculars from my eyes,the trees was looking double.wasnt drunk.I dont know whether to go to my opticians or wait and see my neurologist,

also now when i look at the computer,sometimes i have to squint,hate this.