Eye Problem

Hello all,

Just after some advice really. About 6 weeks ago one of the nerves behind my right eye became inflamed resulting in me seeing double, to correct this i started wearing a patch. The ms consultant looked at it and said that it will go back to normal but could take until the end of october. Were fast approaching that time and i can still only see double, he told me that wearing the patch wouldnt cause any problems but now im wondering if i have done more damage?? Has anyone else experienced this? Should i be seeing an eye specialist or doing any exercises to help it?

Im soooo fed up :0(

Hi there

Yes I have double ‘intermittent’ vision. Had it for years and I treat it as just one of the many ms symptoms. I usually have my eye patch on top of my head and then pull it down to cover an eye when I need it.

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Hi kelly,

Before I was dxd I had bad eye problems (double vision and lots of pain in both eyes) so I was given IV steroids. Which helped me, but I know theres one woman in my group at hospital (tysabri infusions) is having problems with her eyes cant have the steroids (I dont know why, not nosy enuff to ask) so im unsure what she’s doing to help (I’ve never seen her with an eye patch).

Probably a pointless answer but, I hope it gets better soon chick, Its no fun.

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Oh my goodness, dont know what happened there!!

Stupid laptop!!


Hi Sorry you’re having problem with your vision at the moment. I was dx 14yrs ago and when I’ve had a relapse it has pretty much always given me double-vision or visual problems. Its blimming horrible !!! You don’t appreciate your eyes until they don’t work properly.

Like some of the other replies, I have recently had oral steroids to help with the problem and I have also worn a patch, but also…

in the past when my double-vision has been constant and hasn’t fluctuated, my orthoptist (eye lady) at the hospital has given me ‘prisms’ to put onto my glasses, which gives me the impression that my eyes are fine (obviously when I take off my glasses the double-vision is still there). This helps my eyes relax and also enables me to cope better and move around more easily.

Perhaps you could ask your MS nurse or specialist - If you don’t wear glasses I don’t know if its possible to provide you with frames aswell???

Don’t worry that the time limit you have been given for improvement is coming close without any change, each time I have had the problem the length of time has varied greatly - from days to several months. I think you were given a ruff guide just to stop you from thinking you should recover quickly. It may have seemed a long time off when they suggested October, but I think it would have been wiser if you hadn’t been given a time scale. Like any other symptom, no one really knows how long it will take to pass.

Try and stay posotive, and I know its easier to say, but try not to worry. Stress and worrying about it won’t help you fix it.

Hope this has helped - Take care

Hi i had double vision for 8 weeks then my eye went back to normal, it was pointing towards my nose. i didnt wear anything over my eye it just sorted its self out. hope the same happens for you julsiexx

Thanks for all your replys. I guess im just getting abit fed up with it now and really hoped i would have seen some improvement by now. Im due to see my ms consultant on the 7th of november so will ask him then if theres anything he can do to help. I am really trying not to get stressed or worry about it as i know that will only make it worse.

Thanks for all your kind messages. You have all given me a lift on this dull tuesday morning